What can a Hunts Plus membership do for you? Hunts Plus provides the most accurate and up-to-date draw odds and unit specifics in the industry. Basically, we’ve crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. We cover 25 species and 26 states and work hard to make sure that if you can hunt it, we cover it. You will have the ability to see draw odds and trends for over 4,500 units with just a few clicks. See the value of your bonus or preference points in each unit to make the most informed decision as to which unit to apply in next.

Still undecided? You have unlimited access to our team of professional hunt advisors and application specialists who are here to answer any questions that you have and help direct you to the unit(s) that best fit your goals. We don’t stop there. We guide our members through the application process, including sending notifications so you never miss a deadline. We will meet your experience wherever you are. Maybe you’ve done this for years (decades) and you just want to make it easier on yourself so you can have more time to hunt. We’re going to do that for you and then some. Maybe you’re a bit new to this and need some help deciding where and what you should apply for? We’ve got you covered. 

Our Professional Hunt Advisers will use their decades of big-game hunting experience to help you pick the best units based on YOUR goals, navigate the convoluted state application process, and put more tags in your pocket so you can spend your time planning the dream hunt that will put a trophy on your wall (and meat in your freezer).

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Arizona Big Game Super Raffle

These Special Tags are designed to earn money for wildlife and wildlife management in Arizona. Every dollar raised for each species by the raffle of

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