Strategic Application Tracks

Hunts Plus members have exclusive access to our strategic application tracks. Within the VISION™ database, Hunts Plus staff has carefully studied success rates, draw odds, population density, and trophy potential for each unit and listed the top picks based on three different tracks: Opportunity, Balanced, and Trophy. While these tracks will cover most hunters, we’re always happy to help our members create a custom track to meet their unique hunting goals.
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※ Opportunity Application Track

This is the best option for a hunter who wants to get out in the field quickly. Priority is placed on high draw odds and population density.  

While over-the-counter tags may be available in some units this track is tailored towards those hunters who are planning to participate in the draw process. If you are interested in OTC tags, please contact your Professional Hunt Advisor.

※ Balanced Application Track

This is the best option for a hunter who is willing to build a few points before pulling a tag. Priority is given to success rates and population density.

※ Trophy Application Track

This is for the hunter in it for the long haul. This is the best option for a hunter willing to build points for a rare chance at a true giant. Priority given to the unit’s trophy potential.

For some species that are managed for a healthy population of trophy animals -such as all sheep- trophy track is the only viable option. 

opp track chart
balanced track chart
trophy track chart

Important Note: Staff picks are educated and well-researched suggestions. The decision as to which state(s), unit(s), species, and weapon types to apply for are ultimately yours to make. Because of how many factors are involved in both a successful draw and a successful hunt, Hunts Plus offers no guarantee -expressed nor implied- as to your success with either.