There are three subspecies of moose and we’ve listed them from largest to smallest, though these are massive creatures so bagging a “small” moose is still an impressive accomplishment.

The Alaska-Yukon moose is generally the largest subspecies and is in Alaska, Yukon and the Northwest territories. Alaska allows self-guided tours but elsewhere, a guide is required. Alaska offers moose draw tags and also open units. On average, the success rate on a self-guided moose hunt is 20 percent.

The Canadian moose includes moose from Canada, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Minnesota. Minnesota does not allow its herd to be hunted, but Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and North Dakota all offer permits through a draw process.

The Shiras moose is the smallest and found in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Primarily the tags are issued using a draw system and there are also opportunities with the Governors tags. This would be the most difficult permit to get and the opportunities are limited. The best odds to get a hunt is in Idaho.