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What can a Hunts Plus membership do for you? Hunts Plus provides the most accurate and up-to-date draw odds and unit specifics in the industry. Basically, we’ve crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. We cover 25 species and 26 states and work hard to make sure that if you can hunt it, we cover it. You will have the ability to see draw odds and trends for over 4,500 units with just a few clicks. See the value of your bonus or preference points in each unit to make the most informed decision as to which unit to apply in next.

Still undecided? You have unlimited access to our team of professional hunt advisors and application specialists who are here to answer any questions that you have and help direct you to the unit(s) that best fit your goals. We don’t stop there. We guide our members through the application process, including sending notifications so you never miss a deadline. We will meet your experience wherever you are. Maybe you’ve done this for years (decades) and you just want to make it easier on yourself so you can have more time to hunt. We’re going to do that for you and then some. Maybe you’re a bit new to this and need some help deciding where and what you should apply for? We’ve got you covered. 

Our Professional Hunt Advisers will use their decades of big-game hunting experience to help you pick the best units based on YOUR goals, navigate the convoluted state application process, and put more tags in your pocket so you can spend your time planning the dream hunt that will put a trophy on your wall (and meat in your freezer).


※ VISION™ Database
※ Application Deadlines
※ Professional Hunt Advisors
※ Application Service
※ Custom Application Strategy
※ Staff Picks
※ Application Tracks
※ State Rules & Regulations
※ Hunting & Industry News
※ Scouting Reports
※ Detailed Species Information
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What do our members think?

"Hunted all my life, have points in most states. Didn't know just how much a membership could help but after talking with my advisor (Bill) he pointed out that I had been applying in units with moderate trophy potential and low odds when there was a neighboring unit with better odds and higher trophy potential. Pulled the tag the next year in that unit and harvested a 360" bull on day 2 of my rifle hunt."
Christian Y.
Iron Mountain, Michigan
"I was amazed at how intuitive the draw odds system was set up and how accurate it was. I had a couple points in Colorado for mule deer and used the system to adjust the unit I was applying to. Drew the tag and harvested the biggest mule deer I've shot in 40 years of hunting them. Regularly recommend Hunts Plus to my hunting buddies. They're all as impressed as I am."
Peter S.
Dodge City, Kansas
"I had always wanted to hunt Arizona but couldn't figure out their application system. My advisor, Mike, walked me through the process. I called back a few different times with questions and he was always there to help. I know they have an applicaiton service but he never pushed it on me (or even mentioned it). He just wanted to help, which he did. Drew a pronghorn tag and had an excellent hunt. This is my third year as a member and I've never been disappointed."
Richard B.
Springfield, Missouri

More Species, More States, Better Results!

※ VISION™ Database:

With a Hunts Plus membership you'll gain access to the VISION™ Hunting Database. Covering 25 species, 28 states, and over 2,657,037 mi² never before in the hunting industry has such an extensive system been assembled for the purpose of helping hunters plan hunts and navigate the often convoluted application process. More than 4.8 million data points meticulously compiled over thousands of hours from hundreds of sources ranging from state published statistics to federal and local wildlife studies at your fingertips in an intuitive and user-friendly manor.

※ Custom Application Strategy:

One of the most valuable services offered is a Custom Application Strategy. Our advisors and researchers will speak to you about your goals and current point standing and custom-tailor a strategy specifically for you. We'll look at all the variables and provide you with a written guide to help you get tags in the most desirable units for the species you're pursuing.

※ Application Deadlines:

You can use our application deadline notifications to keep you up-to-date on upcoming draws so that you never miss an opportunity at a trophy tag. Our Application Service is available to members who would prefer an Application Specialist apply on your behalf and members have unlimited phone and email support from any of our Professional Hunt Advisors.

※ State Hunting Rules & Regulations:

All current hunting regulations and rules pertaining to the lawful taking of game is available for all 50 states.

※ Hunting & Industry News:

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments that may impact your hunting or application process.

※ Professional Hunt Advisors:

You will have unlimited phone and email support from any of our Professional Hunt Advisors. Each is an industry expert and we're here to ensure that all of your questions are answered correctly and with immediacy.

※ Application Service:

Our Application Service is available to those members who would prefer an Application Specialist apply on their behalf. With thousands of applications submitted for our members we have never missed a deadline, nor had an application returned due to an error.

※ Staff Picks:

Every Species, Every State, Every Method. Our Research Specialists make application recommendations based on draw odds, population density, hunter success rates, trophy potential, and more.

※ Application Tracks:

Areas are divided into three categories: Opportunity, Balanced, and Trophy. Our Staff Picks are tailored to those three general types of hunters. Not meant to substitute a custom application strategy, Application Tracks will give you an idea of the best units in the area, whether you're looking to hunt next year for any animal, or you're willing to put in the time building up points to pull that once-in-a-lifetime tag.

※ Scouting Reports:

Every year our hunt advisors are required scout at least three units and produce a detailed map and scouting report that includes their findings. Animal’s located, GPS coordinates, sheds, animals, food sources, watering holes, glassing locations, etc. are included.
Our advisors aren't hunting these units, but putting boots on the ground to help you be successful.

※ Detailed Species Information:

Articles, statistics, and hunting methods are laid out to help build your knowledge base and make you more successful in the field.

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