Landowner Tags


Purchasing a landowner tag allows you to bypass the draw and purchase a hunt directly.

To curb any potential issues, the SALE of landowner tags is limited to members only. The PURCHASE of landowner tags is permitted by anyone.  Hunts Plus is not involved in the sale or transfer of any tags. That is handled strictly between buyer and seller. 

To get more information about a particular tag click on the “CONTACT SELLER” button in the “Status” column below. 

If you have a tag that you would like posted for sale please contact your hunt advisor.

COElk661st Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer542nd Rifle1SOLD
UTMule DeerDiamond Mtn.Rifle1SOLD
COElk663rd Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer542nd Rifle4PENDING
COElk66A-763rd Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer703rd Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer442nd Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer702nd Rifle1SOLD
COElk504th Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer503rd Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer77/7113rd Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer64/65Archery1SOLD
COMule Deer3/3013rd Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer622nd Rifle1PENDING
COElk671st Rifle1PENDING
COElk671st Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer673rd Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer543rd Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer532nd Rifle2SOLD
COMule Deer703rd Rifle3PENDING
COElk661st Rifle1SOLD
COMule Deer80/81Muzzleloader1PENDING
COMule Deer80/813rd Rifle1SOLD
UTMule DeerS. Slope / Diamond Mtn.Rifle1SOLD
UTMule DeerBookcliffsMuzzleloader1SOLD
NVMule Deer032Any Weapon2SOLD

Disclaimer: Hunts Plus is never involved in any transaction between buyer and seller. We only provide a platform to connect landowners with hunters. We work hard to ensure that any attempt at scamming is handled with immediacy, however, if a deal seems too good to be true, report it to Hunts Plus so that we can remove the listing from this platform. Hunts Plus does not offer any type of purchase protection or warranty program nor do we partner with any third parties to offer such program.