Hunting Photo Contest

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Submit your best hunting photo for a chance at three Cabela’s gift cards. Entries will be accepted from November 6th to November 30th. Hunts Plus will pick the top 50 pictures and put them up to a vote. The three photos with the most votes each win a Cabela’s gift card (also valid at Bass Pro Shops).

※ 1st Place: $100 Cabela's Gift Card

※ 2nd Place: $75 Cabela's Gift Card

※ 3rd Place: $50 Cabela's Gift Card

Ryan C Antelope Wyoming 3
Ryan C. Antelope, Wyoming
Ryan C Antelope Wyoming 1
Ryan C. Antelope, Wyoming
Ryan C Antelope Wyoming 2
Ryan C. Antelope, Wyoming
Brandon L Whitetail Ohio
Brandon L. Whitetail, Ohio
Colin C. Whitetail Canada
Colin C. Whitetail, Canada
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Ben S. Elk, Saskatchewan
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Ryan M. Moose, Alaska
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Kirt P. Waterfowl, Canada
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Brooks H. Black Bear, Saskatchewan
Lucas M. Antelope, Wyoming
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Kirt P. Waterfowl, Canada
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Brooks H. Whitetail, North Dakota
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Brooks H. 4 Horned Ram, Oklahoma
Colin C. Whitetail Canada 1
Colin C. Whitetail, Canada