Adult male American alligators measure 11.2 to 15.1 ft in length, and can weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Females are smaller, measuring 8.5 to 9.8 ft in length The American alligator inhabits freshwater wetlands, such as marshes and cypress swamps from Texas to southeastern and coastal North Carolina.


The Statewide Alligator Hunt is one of FWC’s most popular limited entry hunts, and more than ten thousand applicants will apply for about six thousand permits issued within alligator management units through the state. 

Each alligator hunting permit includes two CITES tags, authorizing the holder to harvest two alligators.  The harvest areas and hunt dates are specific for each permit, and the permits specify the boundaries or limitations of the harvest area.  The statewide alligator hunting season begins on August 15 and ends on the morning of November 1.  The first four weeks of the season are divided into four quota weeks, and each permit is assigned one of those weeks. Legal hunting hours are 5 p.m. through 10 a.m.    

Applicants who are awarded a Statewide Alligator Hunt permit will be charged automatically.  The Alligator Trapping License/Permit and two CITES tags will be mailed to the successful applicants within 6 weeks of purchase.

A Florida hunting or fishing license is not required to participate in the statewide alligator hunt. 


The Lone Star State offers some excellent alligator hunting for non-residents within five Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs): Angelina Neches/Dam B WMA,  J.D. Murphree WMA,  Mad Island WMA Guadalupe Delta WMA, and James Daughtrey WMA.  The application period for Alligator is typically late July with the draw being held in early August. While the odds are not particular good, the cost to apply to each of the units is $3 ($15 for all five) so it’s a worthwhile and easy application to complete for the chance at taking a good size Alligator. 

The first year I applied I was fortunate enough to draw a dag at the Angelina Neches/Dam B WMA. After a brief orientation, I was on the water hunting and was fortunate enough to harvest a nice 10’ gator by sundown on the first day.


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Florida Alligator Units

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