Hunts Plus is a membership-based hunting service that provides the most accurate and up-to-date draw odds and unit specifics in the industry. Basically, we’ve crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. We cover 25 species and 26 states and work hard to make sure that if you can hunt it, we cover it.

And once you’re a member, we keep making your life easier. We guide you through the application process, including sending notifications so you never miss a deadline. We will meet your experience wherever you are. Maybe you’ve done this for years (decades) and you just want to make it easier on yourself so you can have more time to hunt. We’re going to do that for you and then some. Maybe you’re a bit new to this and need some help deciding where and what you should apply for? We’ve got you covered.

Our Professional Hunt Advisers will use their decades of big-game hunting experience to help you pick the best units based on YOUR goals, navigate the convoluted state application process, and put more tags in your pocket so you can spend your time planning the dream hunt that will put a trophy on your wall (and meat in your freezer).

Michael Bales

Owner, Professional Hunt Advisor & Senior Research Specialist

Husband to a beautiful wife, father to an amazing daughter, and an avid outdoorsman. 

First introduced to whitetail hunting in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mike has since traveled the country in search of ever more challenging hunting and fishing adventures. From the swamps of Texas for Alligator to the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho for Mountain Lion. South Florida for Tarpon, Colorado Elk, Missouri Hogs and Whitetail, and the rivers of the midwest for those flying steaks some call ducks, he’s always on the road in search of the next species on his bucket list. 

As the owner of Hunts Plus he guides the direction of the company and ensures that Hunts Plus stays true to its vision of being our members most valuable source for hunting information and data.


Tim Martin

Professional Hunt Advisor

Born in Texas and moving to Montana at an early age, Tim grew up hunting with his father in the wilderness of western Montana and Idaho. Having taken 21 species towards his North American Grand Slam with a passion for hunting sheep in some of the most remote territory in North America, Tim is our go-to guy for all things sheep related. 

When not hunting and helping members, Tim also dedicates his time as a volunteer firefighter. 

Ross McCarthy

Professional Hunt Advisor & Research Specialist

Ross grew up in Phoenix, Arizona hunting mule deer and black bear. When he’s not actively hunting, Ross is a competitive archer and regular Ironman competitor. Ross is extremely skilled at helping members navigate the often convoluted application processes of the west’s most desirable locations.

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Bill McKinney

Professional Hunt Advisor

A retired Air Force pilot, Bill grew up helping his father guide hunters in northwest Montana until enlisting in the Air Force in 1991. After retirement, Bill returned to Montana and began guiding clients in the same units his father did decades before. Clients have taken over a dozen B&C animals while hunting with Bill and the scouting reports he has compiled have helped members harvest an additional seven.

Kyle Lieberman

Kyle Leiberman

Pro Staff - Sawtooth Outdoors - Idaho

A dedicated and methodical hunter Jackson has guided for over a decade in some of the most remote regions of the Pacific Northwest. While not as computer-savvy as some, Kyle was instrumental in the development of our Hunting Tracks, pioneering the process we use to help develop application strategies based on the goals of individual hunters.

Bryan and Tyler Schoening

Pro Staff - The Seasons Media - Nebraska

The Seasons was founded by Bryan and Tyler Schoening, two brothers from Nebraska who share a great passion for the outdoors and what it has to offer. Bryan and Tyler were raised in Western Nebraska, but have expanded their hunting adventures beyond that. Together they have harvested 45 big game animals to date, with great plans to increase that number! Both Bryan and Tyler are very passionate about their archery hunting, but also enjoy picking up a rifle for their longer range pursuits. They find a great joy in providing their followers with video content that they enjoy and exposing new hunters to the sport that are passionate about.

Hunts Plus strives to stay true to our original motto: If you can hunt it, we cover it. As part of that we’re always expanding the data we present to members. In late 2019 we launched our first generation of Nebraska draw odds. Both Bryan and Tyler at The Seasons Media were integral to that process providing unparalleled insight that allowed us to create the datasets needed to expand and provide new hunting opportunities to our members. 

The Seasons Media has a strong social media presence, producing exceptional content that we think all hunters would find informative.

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Bryan Schoening
Tyler Antelope 2
Tyler Schoening

Additional Pro Staff Members - Profiles coming soon.

Jackson Smith – Miller, South Dakota

Jason Lockhart  – Ogden, Utah

Zach Castillo – Indian Springs, Nevada


Derrick Paul – Reno, Nevada

Brett Anderson – Dodge City, Kansas

Evan Rogers  – Bend, Oregon

Angela Ramero – Casper, Wyoming