IDAHO 2020 nonresident deer and elk tags go on sale Dec. 1st

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Nonresident hunters can buy 2020 hunting license and deer and elk tags starting Dec. 1, except Sawtooth Zone elk tags, which go on sale May 11. 

Pioneer Zone elk B tags and Big Desert Zone elk B tags will also be available to nonresident hunters on Dec. 1, which were not available at that time last year.  

Nonresident deer and elk tags have sold out in recent years and were gone by mid September in 2019, and if trends continue, they will likely sell out in 2020. Nonresidents are encouraged to buy licenses and tags early to ensure they have the opportunity to hunt in Idaho. 

Adult nonresident hunters are limited to 15,500 deer tags and 12,815 elk tags annually.

Also, nonresident hunters planning to buy an elk tag in highly sought-after capped zones are encouraged to set up a user name and password in advance of the sale so they are already in the system and able to buy immediately after tags go on sale. 

Nonresident hunters should beware of changes in procedures for tags that are returned after purchase. Hunters will no longer be able to designate their tag to another hunter. That change will not affect most hunters, only those attempting to return a tag.