IDAHO – Trophy class 6×6 bull elk shot without permission on private property near Harpster

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On the evening of October 11, 2019 the Idaho Department of Fish and Game was given information that led to the investigation of a trophy 6×6 bull elk that was illegally killed near Harpster. Initial information of suspicious activity on Lightning Creek road, near highway 13, led Senior Conservation Officer James Roll to check that area. A witness saw two young adults, one man and one woman, shoot and kill a mature trophy class bull elk. The property is privately owned with limited hunting opportunities. The man and woman did not have permission to hunt that private property. The elk was drug down the hill and removed from the property after dark. Idaho Fish and Game Officers are looking for a male 19-21 years old, medium build, brown hair, and about 5’11”. The female is described as being 19-21 years old, petite build, blond hair, and 5’2”. The two suspects left the area driving an older gray compact pickup with a partial Idaho license plate of I-7. Officers have additional evidence collected but are looking for further information about this case. If anyone has information, please contact the Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) hotline at 1-800-532-5999 or officer Jim Roll at (208) 983-8843.