ARKANSAS – Deer Hunter killed by whitetail he was tracking.

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ARKANSAS – Marion County. Not being named as he was not permitted to speak about an ongoing investigation, one Arkansas Game Warden said that this was the most bizarre case he has ever been involved with.

A hunter, identified by Fox 16 news as being 66-year-old Thomas Alexander, was hunting with his muzzleloader near Yellville, Arkansas when he shot a whitetail deer. Reports say he waited for several minutes before beginning to follow bloodtrail. When he did, Mr. Alexander came upon a deer which had not yet expired. At that point -according to the Game Warden- the wounded deer attacked Alexander, who suffered several puncture wounds to his torso and arms. The Arkansas Game Commission reports that Alexander was able to reach an un-named family member after the attack, who called emergency services to his location. Alexander succumbed to his injuries shortly thereafter in a local hospital. 

“Hunters around the state make every effort to provide a clean and quick death to the animals they are hunting, this case amplifies the lessons taught to would-be hunters nationwide in their Hunters Safety course to know proper shot placement prior to pulling the trigger.”  Based on the report it is not clear just how long Alexander waited prior to tracking the deer, nor any speculation as to whether or not the outcome would be different had he waited longer.