Montana – How to purchase bonus points & preference points

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New for the 2019/2020 draw year is a chance to grab Montana bonus and preference points.

From July 1st – September 30th any resident and non-resident who did not apply for a certain species in the main draw may purchase bonus points or non-resident preference points. These bonus and/or preference points will help you in future application processes for the species you purchased points for.

This point-only timeframe does not allow you to acquire more than one point per year as you cannot apply for a species and then purchase points for that same species. For example, if you applied in the general draw for a moose tag, you would not be eligible to purchase bonus/preference points for moose during the same year. If you did not apply for mountain goat, then you can purchase points that will help in future mountain goat applications. All accumulated bonus points will not expire, however, preference points are lost after two years of not applying.

Nonresidents who did not apply for a combination license during the main draw (deer, elk or the big game combo), may purchase a preference point to be used in next year’s combination drawing.

montana bonus points